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Into the Gao Lan

Through Goaland Energy Conservation Tech Co., Ltd(Hereinafter referred to as Gao Lan co)Is the current domestic leading power electronic device using pure water cooling equipment professional supplier。Companies adhering to the hard in creating value for customers,And partners to share the joy of the value,Committed to global customers to provide professional energy saving products and overall solutions,Become the pioneer of the new energy and energy-saving technology applications。 [To check the details]

Prosperity | Gao Lan shares of experts(Enterprise)Workstation...

Prosperity | Gao Lan shares of experts(Enterprise)Workstation opening and association for science and technology held a grand opening ceremony...[To check the details]



Good news 丨 Gao Lan coASME U The certificate...

Successfully received the qualification,Marked the international pace of Gao Lan will take more,More powerful。...[To check the details]

Water experts Salt spray test those things...

Water experts Salt spray test those things...[To check the details]



2017In China's wind power industry development trend and the installed capacity...

2016Since the domestic2.0MWWith2.5MWWind turbines bidding price changes smoothly,In a4100、...[To check the details]



2014-2022,Flexible ac transmission system accumulated...

According to the well-known research firmNavigantThe research points out,With the rapid development of renewable energy projects,Push...[To check the details]